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2016.10.21, 11.32
Anastasiya Kolomoyets

Sausage Party: Spicy & Playfully

Absolutely obscene, unbridled but herewith very funny animated comedy about life of food items is released on the screen in cinemas of Ukraine. For more on the reasons, why you will be wary of buying sausages and why you will always check if potatoes blink while you are throwing them into boiling water, see in the review of Re:plika.


You could not even imagine, but all foodstuffs (and goods!) are absolutely alive - sausages, buns, apples, potatoes, beets and even a douche (gently bite off your cookie – perhaps you deprive it of hands). Moreover, they have their own morning welcome song, in which they praise us, people, believing that we are gods. They dream of being chosen by us and taken right out the door to the “great beyond”. Frank the sausage is in love with Brenda the bun. They are very close on the shelf so they dream aloud about tomorrow – the sale, when many of the products will be chosen and put in grocery carts. The main thing is to get into the same cart, both of them are lovesick and (what a crime!) lean out of the packaging to touch each other.


However, one mustard returns from the great beyond and brings panic into the ranks of foodstuffs. It comes with wild and worrisome details of a horrifying truth about what actually lies on the other side for food items - the gods (i.e. people) mercilessly and cruelly kill them all, dismembering, eating and torturing on heated frying pan or in boiling water. Anybody, of course, does not believe the mustard, but panic has done its work: by good fortune Frank and Brenda find themselves in a grocery cart due to hysterical turmoil arranged by the mustard and then fall out of it. Many other products follow them. Some items die at scene, others manage to save themselves. But a douche is more than angry that it won’t be able to serve its purpose of getting up inside one of the gods. Blowing a fuse, it promises to take revenge on Frank and his girlfriend Brenda. And a douche in anger is very terrible!


“It is some kind of surrealism” - you might think, but you are wrong. “Sausage Party” is a tough and true parody of modern society under the guise of comedy with humor on the verge of foul. And no one would dissuade me from the idea that scriptwriters (Jonah Hill came up with the story and Seth Rogen set his sights on it) were inspired by the theses of Jean Baudrillard that we all are consumers in the supermarket, and in fact the model of modern culture has degenerated into this supermarket. In this animation movie authors satirize all the platitudes and stereotypes of the global society. Through the prism of relations between a bagel and lavash it is shown the view of the Arab-Israeli conflict from the outside (despite the fact that everyone is friends with hummus!). Besides that, authors touch on the theme of LGBT with the help of taco and the defective sausage reveals attitude to people with disabilities or features in today's society.


Globally, this is anticlerical statement debunking the basis of any ideology in the world, where the majority devotedly believes in stable myths, created in a dark closet by the foods with long shelf life. It is done so that everyone will pleasantly and gladly go toward death without knowing it. Add a little more positive in our lives and let us cheerfully sing a song glorifying the gods (people) who will take you to the great beyond. Things in life are not always what they seem to be - some sins are imaginary and the gods bring death. Everyone chooses the preferred name - illusion or delusion. And here we face a tough satire on any “opium of the people” - organized religion (it concerns not only Christianity but also Islam and Judaism, though your unconscious will hardly recognize anything else in this bright video sequence).


“Sausage Party” is unique in its own way. Of course, we are not talking about a large number of obscene jokes and erotic orgy in the end which could be the envy of Tinto Brass. Several friends, who are famous for their light-minded comedies, got together and designed animated movie costing 20 million dollars and looking extremely impressive on the screen (like any blockbuster of large animation studio), and a number of jokes (funny!) per minute can easily compete with the dinosaurs of the genre. I am sure that the budget will be surpassed by several times. And now no one remembers that a lot of studios refused to implement it for fear of shooting animation movie directly for adults.


Adapted translation and dubbing-in are worth separate mention. Many of the jokes become much funnier when the viewer recognizes in them peculiar to our nationality comic character. Ukrainian swear-words are pouring without stopping like a stream in the Carpathian Mountains. Sometimes you do not even have time to think over the meaning of the spoken - so fast it flows, but it sounds like music. Flamboyant food items such as lavash speaking with Eastern accent (Armenian or Georgian – I did not manage to catch) or a bagel which seems like it just ran out of Privoz Market in Odessa lend this comedy a unique charm. However, so strong use of recognizable features of certain individuals (it is evident that in the movie trailer there is a parody of the former Ukrainian President V. Yanukovych) frankly steals the show and overshadows the rest of moments within eyesight of cinemagoers.


In this animation supermarket everything is true - power, deception, sex, drugs, and even rock 'n' roll. When you will go to laugh at this comedy, let your inner idiot out (in a good sense of this word), because every day we are restrained by responsibility, control and planning. Let him have fun an hour and a half in the cinema. And if he is in a good company, it will be much funnier. The main thing – don’t invite a girl/ boy on the first date to “Sausage Party”, because it will be very embarrassing to discuss erotic intercourse between a sausage and bun, lavash and bagel, taco and… everything had got all mixed up.


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Original title: Sausage Party

Year: 2016

Genre: Animation, Comedy

Directed by: Greg Tiernan, Conrad Vernon

Written by: Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, Kyle Hunter, Ariel Shaffir, Jonah Hill

In the original roles are voiced by: Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Jonah Hill, Bill Hader, Michael Cera, James Franco, Paul Rudd, Edward Norton, Salma Hayek, and others.

Country: USA

Running time: 89 minutes


Replicas from the film:


- All of these delicious buns are waiting for my flesh.


 - Maybe the gods punish us for our sins of the flesh?


 - So you’re alive! You have both hands and legs. I'm shocked!


 - I have no legs! This is because you bite off them, scum!


- I see that I was wrong. And the great beyond may be without you. So I go there and fill myself with something better... I'm not kidding! I will stuff myself with parsnip or parsley and maybe even an aubergine!


Photo: B&H film distribution



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